A' Mastra Restaurant

While respecting the peoples’ traditional values, even when making slight though necessary changes to adapt to the times, the A'Mastra Restaurant proposes menus that contribute in discovering the local cuisine, making good use of aromatic herbs such as thyme and wild mint etc. found in the Mediterranean Scrub, still very much a part of our area. Simple and authentic cuisine, but nonetheless original and unique created by our Chefs, the "Mastri" (in dialect, the "mastro" is the maestro, the one who teaches and passes on their profession).

Always in respect of the traditions and the local culture, the Restaurant periodically proposes events dedicated to poetry readings in dialect, accompanied by music that represents the colours and soul of Sicily.

Selected wines from prestigious Sicilian and Italian wineries accompany our inevitably fresh and high quality ingredients, an exceptional way to transform romantic dinners, business lunches or special celebrations into memorable occasions.

Special Offers