The Dépendance Hotel

Elegance and relaxation in the Historic centre

Noto, one of the world’s most beautiful Baroque cities, dubbed “the stone garden” and listed among UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, is a wealth of precious “gems”, set with expert craftsmanship into a topographical layout, following the most organised and rational directives, as was required by the urbanistic style of the period. Noto continues today, as in the past, to win the hearts of famous writers and film directors (The Adventure by Antonioni, Malena, The Red Carnation...).

The architecture of La Dépendance Hotel blends perfectly with the wonderful symphony of adornments, stuccos and meticulous refinements, both on the façade as in its rooms. The simple elegance of the furnishings with their sober though never banal design and colour, harmonise perfectly with the buildings, monuments and churches found in every corner of the city. The Dépendance Hotel converted from the ruins of a historic palazzo in the centre of Noto.

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